Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Amount of Fail On This Website is Amazing

I should spend more time on PeachPundit. I get so much great material from this place.

Check this post out:

Something fishy in Toombs County
by PETE RANDALL on MAY 5, 2009
It’s new jobs. Too bad Obama couldn’t spend $3 trillion to make this happen and all that was needed was private enterprise and capitalism.

Toombs County, famous as the center of Georgia’s Vidalia onion country, is about to get a new industry.

Chicken of the Sea International announced on Monday it plans to open a tuna canning plant in Lyons, investing $20 million and creating 200 jobs.

The company says it plans to begin operations in October at a 200,000-square-foot facility to process tuna and ship it throughout the country.

“State and local officials in Lyons presented us with a tremendous opportunity that ensures our ability to compete in the marketplace for the long term,” said Shue Wing Chan, president of Chicken of the Sea International.

Wait, so there's a company somewhere making new jobs? That obviously proves we don't need any stimulating counter-cyclical spending!

So if I found a stimulus package project that's working really well, that proves that we need to abolish private capital and all we need is government spending? What kind of argumentation is this?

Of course, the extra irony here is that it's Chicken of the Sea he's praising, which is only coming back to the US now that its operations overseas -- like in the US Samoan Islands, which Republicans kept exempt from labor law for decades, resulting in sub-minimum wage wages and horrid working conditions -- has come under scrutiny for its business practices that are like something out of a Kafka novel. Yes, certainly the finest example of private enterprise and capitalism.

Is this supposed to make sense or are all of PeachPundit's bloggers actually planted Democratic operatives there to make the Republicans look bad?