Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Chambliss Vs. Human Rights

I don't know why this was made, but it pretty much sums this guy up.

Our friends at BlogforDemocracy point out Saxby Chambliss's latest far right pandering move:

Senator Saxby introduced S. 1071 on Tuesday, which would, "prohibit President Barack Obama from bringing detainees at Guantanamo Bay Naval Base to the United States."

Whatever their ties to terrorists groups or activities, these individuals should never be given the privilege of crossing our borders, even if incarcerated. To do so would be nothing short of an invitation for al-Qa'ida to operate inside our homeland.

Oh shit. An invitation! Well, we wouldn't want to do that.. oh wait, we're already housing terrorists in Supermax (Colorado). Anyone know how to properly dis-invite a terrorist from operating in your homeland?

No one with a brain can possibly think that there's anything wrong with trying terrorist suspects in the United States in our own court systems. Heck, that's how we did it for the first two hundred and twenty-something years of our history. As BFD points out, we have terrorists imprisoned all over this country. Unless we don't know something about the Gitmo suspects -- like they secretly have superpowers! -- I don't think it'd be any less safe to try and, if they are found guilty, imprison them here. Having this sort of torture fortress overseas to handle them has never made any sense, except to have them in a zone where the press has little access to them so that we may have a freer (read: illegal) hand in interrogations (read: torture).

It's just more pandering to the fringe right crowd by Saxby. Only this time the pandering isn't insulting a decorated and crippled war hero, it's attacking the basic foundations of human rights. What a pathetic Senator.