Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dubose Porter in the Clear!

Hi UGA Liberal,

The $1,000 contribution from the political action committee Fund for Georgia's Future is fully disclosed on my campaign committee's disclosure form. I just checked the pdf version that is on line from the Ethics Committee. The article you posted implies that I did not disclose the contribution, which is not the case. The way I am familiar with this group is that they were going to develop better housing in an economically challenged area in our community. Thank you for your interest in politics but please reconsider how the article implies improper behavior which is not the case.

-DuBose Porter

I would like to thank Mr. DuBose Porter for responding. I have no reason to suspect he is lying, and I will take him at his word. We at this blog just report the news, and that story seemed verified enough to bring it up on the blog. I am glad DuBose Porter responded and I hope his Republican Counter parts will do the same.