Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Following GQ Story, Pentagon Will End Practice of Putting Bible Quotes on Briefings

This is good:

The Pentagon said Monday it no longer includes a Bible quote on the cover page of daily intelligence briefings it sends to the White House as was practice during the Bush administration.

Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman said he did not know how long the Worldwide Intelligence Update cover sheets quoted from the Bible. Air Force Maj. Gen. Glen Shaffer, who was responsible for including them, retired in August 2003, according to his biography.

Now that we're no longer going to use Bible quotations, I think we still need to have something on those briefings to cover up all that ugly white space. I suggest Ace Attorney Phoenix Wright quotations.

Just imagine reading a dissenting briefer with this staring up at you:

You'd know it was serious business.

Come on there, have to be some gamers out there who get these references...