Tuesday, May 19, 2009

GOP Losing in Most Groups

Here we see the "moderates" that are leaving the republican party. The "Lean Republican" are not "skinny republicans" they are the ones that are moderate but disgree with both parties. 

Here we see the Lean Party ID of College Graduates. Democrats Gain 6, Republicans lose 10.

Here we see All Americans. Democrats gain 3 percent, which is not very significant. Independents gained 3 percent, which is also not significant. Republicans have lost 5 percent, which is significant.

In the Lean Party ID, we see that People leaning democrats is up 8 percent while people leaning republicans is down 5 percent. This means moderates are beginning to lean more with democrats than they are with republicans.


JMP said...

Good news, but needs citations guys. Yes, citations. We hire few people w/o them in a writing sample. Really. JMP

Zaid at UGA said...

You can click any of the pictures and you get the original weblink they came from (the Gallup database).

It's not going to have APA/MLA citations -- it's a blog.

JMP said...

Yeah I know. Just Put 'Gallup' or 'From Gallup Org' in w/the description. It's the professional thing to do. And yes, it'll help you poor things get a job later in life. No lie! JMP

Dustin said...

I didn't feel the need to put citations because all of the pictures have the "Gallup Poll" Logo on them