Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Limbaugh is the Right's Michael Moore?

I was thinking yesterday, it is basically undeniable that Limbaugh, at the very least, is a major player in the Republican Party, if not its de facto leader. But who is his counterpart on the left. Who is the crazy person that say outlandish things with a hint of truth to them. Then I thought, Michael Moore.

But then that was about as far as the comparison would go. When Republicans say something against Limbaugh, they have to go on his show and apologize. But that is not how democrats work. When we disagree with Michael Moore, we don't stand in line to get into his next movie to apologize.

So food for thought, this whole "Rush is just an entertainer" idea is bunk. Moore is just an entertainer, but we don't apologize to him when we disagree with him. All the more evidence that Rush is running the Republican Party.