Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

In honor of the people who served, I am going to take the stories of our readers and their families and put it on our blog. If you, a family member, or close friend served in the military, please send me their stories. I will be sharing my own shortly. I will leave this on top of the blog in honor of the men and women that served so that all our readers can see the sacrifice that members of the armed services have made over the years!

If you would like to have your family member recognized here, please send me a short story telling me who they are, when/where they served, and any bit of information you would like me to post. Email this to me at and I will get them up shortly!

You may also want to check out this website, called Map the Fallen

Claude Helton (My Grandfather) served in the Army during WW2.
Clarence Helton (Other Grandfather) served in the Army during WW2.
Ronald Jones (My Godfather) served in the Army during Vietnam.
- Dustin Baker

My Brother Matthew Licata is the navy and has been for several years. Right now he's deployed on a boat
- Tony Licata

Ron Rich - Vietnam
Eddie Rich - Vietnam
Jimmy Hunter - Vietnam.
Bill Curns- Korea
- Kathy Childs

Matthew and Nate Prentice who served during Iraq
- Matthew Prentice

my grandfather - Clarence Logue - Army - served in WWii and Korea
my father - Lt. Col Gordon Wishon - Air Force for 25 yrs - served in Vietnam and Gulf War
my uncle - Dewitt Barker - Army - served in Vietnam
- Adam Mitchell Wishon

Booker T. Jackson of Hookerton & Kinston, NC
- Franklin Delano Williams