Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Miss CA has lost it...

The First Amendment grants you protection from the government jailing you for your free speech, as it should. What it does not do is keep you from being judged based on what you say.

If she had said "I think all Jews should die for killing Jesus" then she would be judged.

If she had said "I think all Muslims are terrorists" then she would be judged.

If she said "I hate catholics, she would be judged."

All of this she has a right to say, it is her free speech. It is protected speech by the first amendment, but it does not keep her from being judged. She can exercise her free speech all she wants, but it does not protected her from anything other than being jailed/fined/punished from the government.


Bryant said...


Palin made this same type of error of judgment during the election.

I really wish people would get this straight.

I vehemently support free speech. But if you spew ridiculous garbage (e.g., racist groups, or the Westboro so-called "Baptist" Church), you should expect people to talk bad about you.

If the beauty pageant had been state-run or if her critics were government agents, she might have more of an argument, but otherwise this is silly.