Monday, May 11, 2009

New York to Take on Gay Marriage Tomorrow

New York Will take on the Gay Marriage Debate tomorrow, and it seems like it might has a chance of passing the Senate:

ALBANY — Pose the question “Would you vote to make same-sex marriage legal?” within the gilded State Senate chamber, and you’ll hear a lot of hedging.

Senator Vincent L. Leibell, a Republican who represents parts of Westchester, Putnam and Dutchess Counties, prefers civil unions to marriage. Still, he acknowledged that “society changes over time,” and said that he might not make up his mind until the last minute.

Senator James S. Alesi, a Republican from Rochester who is considered to be another potential swing vote, has issued only vague statements hinting that he is open to voting yes. But he also said, “My public opinion has not been stated yet, and it probably won’t be for a while.”

New York recognizes Same Sex marriages from other states, but does not grant them from their state. In other words, if you get married in Massachusetts and move to NYC, then you are married. But if you live in NYC and want to get married there, you cannot.

This bill will be very close, and I will keep you up to date regarding its passage and the vote. The vote is suppose to come tomorrow!