Thursday, May 21, 2009

Now you can take the family to yellowstone glock in tow!

From the UK Telegraph:

US Congress Votes to Allow People to Carry Loaded Guns in National Parks
The US Congress has voted to allow people to carry loaded weapons in national parks and wildlife refuges, in a major setback to gun control efforts.
by Alex Spillius in Washington
The House of Representatives approved the measure 279-147, one day after the Senate had also voted in favour of a law which had been passed under the Bush administration only to be successfully challenged in court.

Democrats from southern and western states, where the freedom to bear arms is cherished, joined Republicans in a vote that dismayed not only gun control advocates but park rangers.

Theresa Pierno, executive vice president of the National Parks Conservation Association, said: "By not taking a stand to prevent this change, Congress has sacrificed public safety in favour of the political agenda of the National Rifle Association.

"This amendment will increase the risk of poaching, vandalism of historic park treasures, and threats to park visitors and staff."

If I was a gun nut, I'd be so happy right now. Now I can legally pack myself a revolver along with a picnic basket with my wife and kids. Ah, America.