Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Obama-Reid Bromance

Bromance (n) -
1. The act of wooing a fellow male friend for the purpose of becoming closer.
2. Going to unusual lengths in an attempt to become closer with another male friend.

Obama and Reid (Turk and JD for you Scrubs Fans) are doing their best to keep each other in power. Reid is boasting that he wants to raise $25 Million to keep his seat in the Senate. Nevada is a contested seat because Reid is not very popular. Republicans feel they have a chance of taking it.

The Chair of the Nevada Republican Party said:

“It will hurt him if he keeps talking about raising that kind of money when we have record unemployment and a record budget deficit. The thought of someone saying they have to raise $25 million to win is astonishing.”

But Republicans are claiming that they will raise $20 Million for their candidate, and what is $5 million amongst friends?

Turk... I mean Obama... is stepping in to help him and Reid is happily accepting:
Obama flew to Las Vegas Tuesday to help Reid raise an estimated $2 million.

During a VIP reception before the main event at Caesars Palace, he praised Reid for getting his $787 billion economic stimulus package passed in the Senate, as well as the children’s health insurance bill and credit card reform legislation.

“As long as I am president, I want him to be my majority leader,” Obama told the small group of donors who paid $2,400 for a ticket.

Obama also touched on Reid’s humble roots in Searchlight, Nev.

“He has never forgotten that there are people out there who weren't born with a silver spoon in their mouths,” Obama said, “people out there who are struggling.”

Reid expressed how much he enjoys working with Obama.

“This man is extremely smart – he can communicate,” Reid said. “But the best part of Barack Obama is his heart is bigger than any heart in the world.”

Only one way to explain this: Bromance!!!