Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Obama v. Cheney (Torture 2009)

Obama and ex-VP and current torture fan Dick Cheney will be giving speeches on the same day regarding the use of torture in US Policy:

President Barack Obama will attempt to regain control of a boiling debate over anti-terrorism policy with a major speech on Thursday — an address that comes on the same day that former Vice President Dick Cheney will be weighing in with his own speech on the same theme.

The dueling speeches amount to the most direct engagement so far between Obama and his conservative critics in the volatile argument over what tactics are justified in detaining and interrogating suspected enemy combatants.

I will give the Republicans this; you have taken the debate on torture from us. Obama and Congressional democrats have lost control of the debate, and I hope Obama gets it back.

Currently, Obama is taking heat from both sides. He has ended the use of torture, which pleases the democrats and irks republicans. He has also continued the use of the Military Tribunals, which irks democrats and pleases republicans. Yet, he is not a "middle of the road, bipartisan president (at least according to pundits), which irks me.

Either way, Democrats need to regain control of this debate, and hopefully Obama will do that with this speech.