Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Poll Results: How Would You Grade President Obama

The readers of UGA Liberal Gave President Obama the following grades:

A 40 (32%)

B 31 (25%)

C 12 (9%)

D 7 (5%)

F 32 (26%)

That gives him roughly a high B (Which is what I voted for BTW). Consider this an Open Thread, what did you rate Obama and why? What has he done well and what has he done poorly?


John Rose said...

I gave him a C. He's making big steps forward in his budget (health care, environment, progressiveness), appointments, stimulus (though we need a second one ASAP), and our image abroad. I'm ambivalent about how he's performed in Iraq and Afghanistan. And I'm very disappointed in his financial bailout efforts.

Geithner and Summers have made the situation much worse, transferring huge debts and risks away from the people who caused the crisis to the US taxpayer, all the while leaving the core issues of illiquid assets and poor management untouched. Altogether, with the massive scope of the financial crisis balanced with everything else, it adds up to a mediocre grade.