Thursday, May 7, 2009

Seriously, what is wrong with PeachPundit?

I am convinced this guy is a PeachPundit blogger.

More PeachPundit hilarity:

This is John Jerome White. He was convicted in 1979 of raping a Meriwether County woman but was released in 2007 after DNA evidence conclusively proved he was not guilty. Let me note this again: he IS NOT a rapist (although he is a convicted felon related to another matter). He was, and is, NOT guilty of rape.

But why is the State of Georgia going to cut White a check for $500,000.00?

At no point has it been demonstrated that a police officer, prosecutor or judge committed malfeasance in any form. A duly-constituted jury of White’s peers convicted him based on the evidence presented at that time. But now he is entitled to my money and the money of the taxpayers of Georgia?

The guy has been in jail for decades, put there by a democratically elected government that is the sovereign representative of taxpayers, and you're upset that we're going to pay him such a small sum for losing so many years of his life? Heck, that's probably the kind of money he would make in ten years, not the almost thirty that he lost. And that's just monetary compensation, that doesn't account for losing freedom -- which is almost impossible to quantify.

You're upset about compensating him for that? What did you want to do, pat him on the back and tell him, "Oops, our bad, dude!"

The most insulting part of this creep's post is this:

Before some of the weak-minded who cannot fathom the barest criticism of any minorities have a heart attack,

No one was bringing up his race before this blogger just jumped on it and did it right there. What a dick! It seems like the modern conservative shtick is to constantly remind us they aren't racist. It's almost like they think white people wrongly getting called racist is a bigger problem than actual racism in today's America. It isn't, and those people are idiots.

Although, ah, wait, this is pretty screwed up, too:

Why the double standard? Or, more accurately asked, why can’t we ALL be sent a check from Sonny Perdue for being “wronged” by the government?

I have no comment on the idiocy of that.

I will say one thing about America. No where else in the world do you find people so selfish that they're practically sociopaths. We have a lot of selfishness-induced sociopathy over at PeachPundit.