Monday, May 11, 2009

Stimulus Money Used to Create Jobs

We often hear from the right "Obama's stimulus plan isn't going to help create jobs." Well, from a report filed by the Athens Banner-Herald, they are mistaken:

The Clarke County School District could create 55 positions next year under a plan to spend $6.4 million in federal stimulus funds earmarked to help low-income children and students with disabilities.

School district administrators developed the spending plan, which would add positions across all grade levels to help struggling students and assist some of their teachers. If approved by both the local and state boards of education, the school district could begin to hire new employees as early as July 1. A chunk of the money - $1 million - would be used to fund 30 academic interventionists, who work with small groups of elementary school students.

The district also would hire eight additional special education teachers, along with reading specialists and math coaches to work with teachers and students in middle and high school.

What I find great about this is that it not only creates jobs, but it helps lower-income people in the process. It both allows teachers to work and get paid, but also helps students learn and get an education.

Why are the Republicans opposed to this?