Thursday, May 14, 2009

What's in a GOP name?

In a childish act of epic proportions, the RNC is readying the legal motions to pass a resolution calling for the Democratic Party to be renamed the "Democrat Socialist Party", which has actually prompted the Democratic Socialists of America to object.

I figure if the GOP is going to be taking part in these sort of charades of renaming -- then maybe us progressives, should too.

Here are some names I'd suggest for the Republicans:

- The Palin Party. Considering they put Alaska's vanity governor a heartbeat away from the Presidency, I say we stamp them with her brand of "you betcha!" permanently

- The GOP -- the Grand Oil Party. Given the mighty financial contributions from the oil industry to major Republicans, including even the Bush Library , I think it'd be wonderful to remind Americans everytime they went to the pump of the reason why we made 0 progress on renewable energy the past eight years.

- The Republicants. Get it? Because all they can do is say "No!" to the Obama agenda. Isn't that funny? OK, maybe that's dumb. Like Eric Erickson dumb.

I'm sure you readers can do better. Leave your own!