Tuesday, May 19, 2009

When Gingrich Attacks! Liveblogging Gingrich vs. Stewart

As a part of our continual series of following Newt Gingrich's crazy antics in preparation for his inevitable Presidential run, we're going to liveblog his appearance on the Daily Show.

Stewart: So lots of stuff sucks

Gingrich: Ya

Stewart: How about this Pelosi chick?

Gingrich: That hoe lied about everyone in a time of war. Hang 'er.

Stewart: What are you talking about, punk? Didja say this stuff back when Cheney was punking the CIA with Valerie Plame's name?

Gingrich: Yeah I did

Stewart: I got TiVo dude.

Gingrich: Pelosi sux she uses a teleprompter. But she shouldn't be tortured! (?!?!)

Stewart: WTF dude?

(commercial break)

Stewart: Your party sux right nao, no?

Gingrich: It's just a cycle, it's not that we sux

Stewart: I think you sux

Gingrich: no u

Stewart: lul

Gingrich: Obama is so socialist!

Stewart: Aren't you kinda being a douchebag?

Gingrich: Kinda

Stewart: Let me try to make some sense here.

Gingrich: None of that!

Stewart: So you think we can let the government run the military but not basic healthcare?

Gingrich: Uh...

Stewart: Kinda out of your league here aren't you?

Gingrich: ya mebe

Stewart: lul

Gingrich: lul