Saturday, May 30, 2009

When Gingrich Attacks! Tasteless Tweeting at Holocaust Site

Apparently will never, ever leave us alone.

From Matt Yglesias at ThinkProgress:

I’ve never been to Auschwitz. I did, however, visit the lesser-known Terezín concentration camp back in 1997. The experience didn’t inspire me to Twitter a bunch of cheap partisan political attacks. But, hey, I’m not Newt Gingrich. He went and tweeted:

Auschwitz is a horrifying experience which reminded me of thee vil of kim jong I’ll and dangers of al qaeda hamas and hezbollah


Auschwitz is also a reminder that evil men often do what they threaten. An iranian nuclear bomb could lead to a second holocaust

Another fellow named Josh Daws took the bait:

@newtgingrich Silly Newt. Don’t you know that by talking to them they’ll put down their weapons and participate in giant group hug.

And Newt tweeted back:

@JoshDaws I knew you would understand. Chamberlain tried the group hug with hitler and it didn’t work

Haha, dumb liberals. I know this chest-pounding about Iran is supposed to help get more Jewish support, but I think normal Jewish people (or, indeed, normal people of all backgrounds) are going to find this choice of venue a bit distasteful.

This guy is really getting on my nerves. It's like there's no level of chest-beating idiocy he won't get involved with in order to further his political career.

To start with Iran is home to the largest Jewish charity hospital in the world, accusing them of being behind a "second Holocaust" is insulting on many levels. Some how roping Kim Jong Il into it (wtf?) is as bizarre as it is stupid.

And to do all this as you're visiting concentration camps -- this man is just a total creep. It's like he doesn't think there are any lines he could possibly cross for his partisan politicking. Disgusting. It's almost as bad as when he declared that "liberalism" was responsible for the Virginia Tech massacres.