Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Another Right Wing Terrorist Attack -- This Time at the Holocaust Memorial Museum

AFP reports:

WASHINGTON - A gunman, James Von Brunn, exchanged fire with security guards inside the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum on Wednesday. One security guard and the gunman were taken to a hospital.

The suspect, who was not identified, was reportedly a man, born in 1920, who had possible connections to hate groups or anti-government groups.

D.C. police spokeswoman Traci Hughes said a person walked into the museum at about 1 p.m. ET with a rifle and shot a guard. U.S. Park Police Sgt. David Schlosser says one or more guards at the museum returned fire, hitting the suspect.

How many more fringe right wing groups do we have out there ready to pounce on and attack groups that Limbaugh, Hannity, Gingrich, Beck brainwash them to tell them to hate?

UPDATE 2:22 PM: Here's the shooter's website. It's pretty hateful.

UPDATE 2:35 PM: Look at some of the reactions on the right-wing discussion board mecca Free Republic, where the shooter was a writer:
Flash! Eric Holder, AG, in route now to make sure police don’t infringed on the rights of any Muslim. (Just on the remote possibility the ROP is involved.)

Religion of peace?

More handiwork from 0bama’s black muslim terrorists?

The media will say “Nothing to see was definitely NOT a muslim who did this..I think the guy’s name is Bob..yeah...Bob”

The perp is suspected to have slept in the Lincoln bedroom the night before the attack.

I bet it was someone named mohammed or hussein.

And these nuts are dead serious. They aren't even kidding.

So let's get this straight -- not only are they blaming black people and Muslims to start with, this community of thousands of people is also trying to claim that Obama is partly responsible. And they're all dead serious.

What's the logical conclusion of all that? Obama's in league with terrorists. And what do you do to someone in league with terrorists?

These crazies are starting to get crazy dangerous.

Update: 2:30-The Shooters name is James Von Brunn, an 89-year-old white supremacist entered the building and opened fire "indiscriminately". He was a WW2 Veteran.

Update 3:05 - WASHINGTON, D.C. (BNO NEWS) -- Israel has condemned the shooting at the U.S. Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. on Wednesday.

"We are shocked and saddened by today's shooting incident at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington," Jonathan Peled, who is a spokesman for the Embassy of Israel in D.C., told BNO News.

"The Embassy of Israel condemns this attack and is closely following the situation," Peled added. The Israeli minister is currently visiting Washington but was not at the museum.

4:00 Update - CNN is reporting that the Security Guard that was shot has died. May he Rest in Peace.


Bryant said...

Your use of "rightwing" and "leftwing" are not only silly, but also deceitful.

Do all anti-Semitic acts and thoughts automatically get classified as "rightwing"? If so, how do you reconcile this with conservatives' excessive support for Israel?

Suppose hypothetically that the attacker had been a Palestinian nationalist. Would you still call it a "rightwing" attack?

As I've mentioned before, left and right are "two sides of the same coin" (to quote Alex Jones). They are distractions that divide people, preventing them from realizing that both sides are statist and don't really differ all that much.

Dustin said...

Suppose hypothetically that the attacker had been a Palestinian nationalist. Would you still call it a "rightwing" attack?

If the attack was based in right wing philosophies such as maintaining the status quo, maintaining a dominate culture, or doing so based on religion, than yes.

If it was a Palestinian that just hated Jews, than it would be a hate crime.

Zaid at UGA said...

Yeah this guy was a prominent supporter of right wing movements, a poster on the right wing website Free Republic, an ardent racial nationalist, etc, etc. He has extreme right wing all over him.

RonL said...

Von Brun is no more a Free Republic poster than EJ Dionne or Barack Obama. People post the writings of many authors including leftists, liberals, moderates… on FreeRepublic. I can find many pieces by EJ Dionne and speeches by Barack Obama. Are they now Freepers?

Von Brunn, like all Nazis and anti-Semites is not welcome on FR. That one of his pieces was cross posted from a Norwegian Site proves only that some Birthers are idiots and don’t do any actual research before posting. (Note the irony.)
But to link Nazis, antisemites and “zelous anti-Zionists” to FreeRepublic is a joke. They are all banned within a few hours. This is more than I can say for Huffington Post, MyBarackObama, Democratic Underground, The Progressive and many more.

Zaid at UGA said...

Yeah, instead we get constant posts claiming "he just had the wrong group he was blaming" (it was really the Blacks or Muslims!) and now you guys are doing everything you can to avoid a federal investigation.