Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bill O'Reilly refers to Dr. Tiller as "Dr. Killer" after he was murdered

The man has no shame:

IRELAND: I am saying that Dr. Tiller’s records did not show anyone saying she wanted a late term abortion because of she couldn’t play sports.

O’REILLY: How do you know? Have you examined those records?


O’REILLY: You have?

IRELAND: I was telling you that I know that because Kansas would not allow that. It is illegal. That is not a valid reason.

I will also tell you that my sister was wheeled into labor saying I’ve changed my mind I’m not going to have a baby. And we all laughed, because of course, she was.

There are obviously in the third trimester health issues, whether it’s hypertension, preeclampsia, the death of a fetus that requires it to be removed to avoid an infection, all kinds of reasons that we have to have that option of late term abortion.

O’REILLY: Well, in order to terminate a life.

IRELAND: The fact that Dr. Tiller was murdered is.

O’REILLY: In order to terminate a life, that has to be catastrophic and I think it has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt, and Dr. Killer’s case that wasn’t what he was doing. But Ms. Ireland, we appreciate you coming him on.

IRELAND: You call him Dr. Killer and he was murdered.

O’REILLY: He was murdered.

IRELAND: I think that that is just outrageous.

You know, Bill, I do not think that attacking someone with terrible labels posthumorously is the way to go here. You can have legitimate disagreements on abortion without attacking the late Dr. Tiller.