Thursday, June 11, 2009

Does anyone have any evidence of "illegal aliens" voting en masse?

I'm starting to get a little sick of the paranoid nonsense coming from certain quarters.

More and more it looks to me like the Republicans are basically finding a way to mobilize their base around the one thing most of them agree upon -- foreigners are scary. There is little to no evidence of undocumented immigrants influencing our elections, yet I keep hearing that we need new voter ID laws to stop them.

Let's be honest here -- this isn't about protecting our elections. This is about disenfranchising people who are likely to vote Democrat. If the Republicans cared so much about election integrity, maybe they should've been up in arms when the Republican Party used its machinations to disenfranchise thousands of people illegally.

Instead, we're seeing these lunatic conspiracy theories about how ACORN, MALDEF -- and probably other small progressive groups that are pretty much politically impotent, as anyone who has actually worked with them knows -- are secretly plotting to overturn our election results with the votes of scary foreigners!

I want to see a Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate stand up against these smears, defend these organizations from attacks (including Obama's Department of Justice) and point out that it has been the Republicans who have engaged in massive electoral fraud. Call them on their lies -- otherwise they become truth in many people's reality.