Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ed Schultz and Bernie Sanders on Conservative Democrats Killing Universal Healthcare

Notice that Ed Schultz actually says in this clip that it's almost as if Democrats don't want Al Franken seated, because if they had a filibuster-proof Senate, then if we got weak legislation they couldn't blame it on the Republicans. While I don't think that's literally true, I do think their is a strain in the thought of many in the Democratic leadership that all the problems they have can be blamed on the GOP, because anyone with a (D) next to their name must be a great person and can't be criticized.

The fact is, in a Congress this heavily controlled by Democrats, it's industry-friendly Democrats like Evan Bayh and Ben Nelson who are going to be the problem, not powerless Republicans. That's a fact we have to come to terms with if we want the strongest legislation possible to try to create universal healthcare in this country. It's not so much about fighting with the GOP anymore as it is holding Democrats accountable to the people who voted for them.