Friday, June 26, 2009

Flynt Leverett and David Frum Debate Iran

In this episode, we see Flynt Leverett from the New America Foundation and David Frum of the American Enterprise Institute debate the legitimacy of the Iranian election and the American response.

While I don't agree fully with either of them, I'd say that Leverett tends to be a bit more credible (even though I disagree with his central thesis that Ahmadinejad got the most votes). He's a foreign policy expert and a former senior director on the Middle East National Security Councill. He's a proud civil servant, and he doesn't really have ulterior motives.

Whereas David Frum is a long-time hawk and GOP political operative and I don't find a lot of his posturing on Iran to be all that credible as evidence of his concern for the Iranian people, especially given that he has held the post of one of the most disingenuous jobs I can think of -- speechwriter for George W. Bush.