Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Is Paul Broun Crazy?

I was reading the Flagpole yesterday, and I saw this article. I think it was really funny and pointed out some flaws with religion in America. Is Paul Broun actually crazy... no, but you have to wonder what his logical reasoning is for doing some of the activities listed in the article.:

It really needs to be said: Congressman Paul Broun, Jr. is sort of crazy. I don’t mean he’s insane in a clinical sense; he can be left alone with children, sharp objects or small animals. But what is doubtful is whether Broun is fit to inhabit any elected office achievable outside an Elks lodge. Problem is, Broun lives in something like a cartoon, a make-believe world of absolutes: good and evil, left and right, “with us” and “against us.” Little in the way of nuance or intricacy is admitted to complicate his worldview.

I am not leaving my kids along with him!