Friday, June 12, 2009

James Dobson still thinks Bush was God's Ambassador to America

I think the right wing religious people need to get over this idea that Bush was somehow God's Ambassador on Earth. I mean, I am not saying he's evil or anything, but I can think of few people who better represent the love of God than a person who ordered torture:

– “George W. Bush kept us safe. Providence kept us safe. But George Bush was the instrument in God’s hand as the leader of the free world.”

– “Of course, this was the great blessing of our first president, George Washington — the original George W. … The greatest trait of Washington was to see things as they were and not as he wanted to see them. That was George W. Bush’s gift when it came to this war. He immediately upon being told of the attacks knew that this was war and that we were being attacked existentially by radical Islam.”

– “I am actually very confident and hopeful, that in the years ahead with the benefit of time and space, that historians will look back at those remarkable and incredibly eventful eight years and say, ‘You know, he made the right decisions about the biggest things during those eight years.’“

There are from James Dobson, the Focus on the Family guy... Watch it here: