Monday, June 8, 2009

The latest strange tidbit from PeachPundit

The latest from our Peach Pundit friends:

Barnes wants Baker out? Duh.
by BUZZ BROCKWAY on JUNE 4, 2009
We received this yesterday from the tip line:

not going to give wrote:
The Barnes people started the appointment rumor in the MDJ in April. What exactly are you guys basing his jumping out on other than pure speculation?

It’s pretty clear Barnes wants him out and pretty clear he isn’t getting out

Well obviously Barnes wants Baker gone. I’m sure Barnes would love it if everyone cleared a path for his attempted trip back to West Paces Ferry.

Why would Baker get out? Baker knew Barnes was thinking about running and decided to run anyway (as did the other Democrats running). Also, with African-Americans playing such a key role in the Democratic primary, wouldn’t Baker assume he could at least get into a runoff with Barnes?

I don't know who "Buzz" is, but does he really think that African Americans will vote for anyone whose skin is black? Baker is a notorious "law and order" and "tough on crime" (read: stupid on crime) conservative whose witch hunts against poor black teenagers are well known in the African American community.

Assuming they'll vote for him just because the color of his skin is more than just ignorant -- it's a little bit racist.