Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lunch with Glenn

Yesterday, Phillip and I had the pleasure of sitting down with Glenn Stegall. Stegall is going to be running for Mayor of Athens against Nancy Denson, Charlie Maddox, and Brandon Shinholser. While we are not going to endorse anyone at the point, I liked Glenn's ideas and his drive.

Glenn talked a lot about his own past. How he had grown up, seen role models, and that gave him motivation to try hard and to get an education. As such, he talked about ways to give children realistic role models and keep them in school. I was very pleased to hear this, because education is one of the issues that is near and dear to my heart.

Glenn also gave some ideas on how he wants to fix the economy and deal with poverty. Increasing education rates is a large part of this, but also he wants to attract new businesses to Athens-Clarke. I agree that we need to attract more businesses. Creating and retaining positive education rates will help with this.

Every time I meet a candidate, I am going to point out a good point and a bad point. First the Good.

Good - Glenn I agree with you on most of your social issues as you presented them yesterday. I think you have a good head on your shoulders, a great plan, and the background to be able to make an effective argument.

Bad - You (and Brandon) are going to have to fight to repeal the "student" image. You guys are young, innovative, and have great ideas on how to push the county forward, but they will never get out as long as you are viewed as "the young kids that need to get off my lawn." Go out, get overly involved in the community, and immerse yourself in Athens culture!