Saturday, June 6, 2009

New Rules 6/5


Bryant J. Knight said...

The first minute or two was funny, but that's it.

See what I'm on about? Bill Maher hates religion. Rather than having a thoughtful discussion about it, he just tries to humiliate religious people.

Notice how in "Religulous," he spends about 10 minutes talking to several different Muslims and making jokes that each of them is a terrorist, but when they finally begin to respond to this criticism directly, he cuts off the conversation and moves on to the next part of the movie. Let them speak. He chooses the wackiest people possible and gives them a fair chance to speak, but no one else is given that chance.

If you want to bash religion, fine, but do it in an intelligent way. The nonsense like in this video is meaningless, and it's not really even funny.

Brett said...

Right, we should give fair time for people to go on about made up fairy tales. Rational discussion should always be on equal footing with farcical stories.