Thursday, June 11, 2009

Right-Wing Blog PeachPundit's Erick Ericson Basically Complains That He Has To Share The Earth

There for common sense regulation for the good of all -- or despicable fascists?!

Peach Pundit's Erick is at it again:

The state has lifted all restrictions on outdoor watering except for those it has not. Details here.[sic]

Georgia’s state Drought Response Committee lifted watering restrictions statewide this morning for the first time since a historic drought began in 2006.

Residential watering is still limited to three times a week on odd-even days, but residents may water at any time of the day. Previously in the midstate, watering was not permitted except between midnight and 10 a.m., except in Macon, which received permission to allow residents to water from 4 p.m. to midnight as well.

So you can water your lawn with the water you pay for, but only when the government tells you that you can.

If I understand it correctly, he's angry that water supplies that actually belong to everyone in the state get regulated by the governing body -- the state government -- elected by the people of the state?

Is he upset that he isn't the only person on earth? Does he not realize that his actions -- for example, too much water use -- harms others? Aren't you supposed to figure all of that stuff out by time you turn 5?

This is basic Tragedy of the Commons stuff, not a Soviet plot to control your life, Erick.