Thursday, June 25, 2009

Strip Search of 13-year-old Unconstitutional

In what appears to be a no-brainer, you cannot strip search children to look for their... advil. ThinkProgress says the following:

In an 8-1 decision today, the Supreme Court held that school officials violated the Constitution’s ban on unreasonable searches and seizures when they strip searched a 13 year-old honor student because they falsely suspected her of bringing ibuprofen to school. Ibuprofen is the same drug used in the painkiller Advil. The Court reasoned that, because there was no evidence that a commonly used painkiller presented a danger to the student body and there was no evidence that the honor student was concealing drugs in her underwear, the school overreacted by strip searching the student.

Justice Thomas was the lone dissenter, meaning he believes it is constitutional to strip search 13 year old girls. You can read the opinion here.

I must say, between the rampant drop out rate, ACTUAL drugs in school, and kids who legitimately have headaches, we can allow the horrible drug... Advil... into our school system.