Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Terry McAuliffe loses Democratic Primary in VA

He might want to get a new strategy. McAuliffe loses the Democratic Primary in 2008 for Clinton, and now he has lost the Democratic Primary for himself in VA:

Nearly 320,000 people voted in the race, only 6 percent of the state's 5 million registered voters but more than officials predicted. Deeds piled up surprisingly large margins across the state, including in the Washington suburbs of northern Virginia that his opponents call home.

Deeds raised only about $3.7 million, far less than his rivals. McAuliffe, who dominated fundraising, received nearly twice Deeds' total. Deeds' staff was so sparse he often drove himself to campaign events, and he had to lay off field staffers at one point so he could afford to run television ads in the final two weeks of the campaign.
Everyone should remember a few things about this story:

  1. Money isn't everything... As it shows Deed's did not have anywhere near the amount of money as the other two, but still pulled off a win
  2. Name recognition isn't everything. McAuliffe had huge amount of name recognition, and still could not pull off a win.