Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ayn Rand and Humorlessness

As much as I have to listen to, basically, males between the age of 18-22, rant and rave about how great Ayn Rand is (having read for and not cared for one of her books), I was interested to see her actually speak.

This has to be the most humorless interview I've ever seen.


Adam said...

who said she has to be funny? sounds like you are just nit-picking because you have a grudge against a dead author.

Bryant J. Knight said...

Well to be fair, her accent could be a major part of the problem.

But beyond that, yes, you're right, and it comes as little surprise.

Ayn Rand advocated mass slaughter. Only a person who lacks a sense of human spirit and decency could support something so evil, so it's no surprise that she also had a poor sense of humor.

Her support for massive government (as long as it's for "defense") and hatred of religion (No, her ridiculous Objectivist philosophy does not impress me.) are also chilling.

In short, she was a statist, a supporter of mass murder, and a disrespectful brute. I'm not even convinced that she should rightfully be called a capitalist.

Sometimes I wonder whether she actually had any principles. It almost seems like she did it all merely for personal aggrandizement.

To clarify: Ayn Rand advocated many good, capitalist ideas, and I'm not criticizing those ideas themselves. But when you stop and look at the big picture of what she was all about, it's a totally different perspective.