Friday, May 29, 2009

Excellent torture debate airing on Al Jazeera starting tomorrow

Al Jazeera will be playing a torture debate they recently filmed. HuffPo reports:

The night after Colin Powell delivered his infamous argument to the United Nations justifying the invasion of Iraq, Lawrence Wilkerson, his chief of staff, sat down and wrote a letter of resignation. It was, said Wilkerson Friday, " the lowest point in my professional and my personal life."

He stuffed the letter in his desk drawer. And left it there.

"If I have a regret when I go to my grave, it is that I did not resign," said Wilkerson, because of course Powell's speech turned out to be almost entirely false.

Wilkerson told the story during a Friday taping of an Al Jazeera town hall debate on torture, filmed for the Newseum's "Fault Line" show in Washington, D.C. The show airs on Saturday.

The debate was hosted by Josh Rushing, former military flak and now a top Al Jazeera reporter. It also featured Rep. Jim Moran (D-Va.), human rights attorney Jumana Musa and outspoken former CIA analyst Michael Scheuer, who formerly ran the unit in charge of capturing Osama bin Laden.

You can watch the show at the following times starting tomorrow, all times being GMT Saturday: 1130, 2330; Sunday: 0630, 2030; Monday: 1430; Tuesday: 1230; Wednesday: 0300 at the Al Jazeera English website here.

I'm definitely going to catch it, looks excellent.