Friday, May 8, 2009

First Lady Campaigns for Middle/Lower Class Family working rights.

The First Lady went before a group of business people talking about working conditions and how they need to change for modern families:

During her 10-minute speech, Obama advocated for sick leave for parents, flexible work hours for employees and on-site child care, which she said "is something that keeps many of us up at night....You're just wondering where are we going to put our children where we feel like that they're being safe, that they're safe and being loved. That will relieve many of the stresses that parents feel on the job throughout the day."

And she is right. We must treat our workers Fair! If we want workers to be productive, then we need to treat them fairly. Also, it is just morally the right thing to do. I often hear conservatives say, about workers rights, "Why should we do that?" My reply is "why shouldn't we?"