Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Peach Pundit's Almost Reasonable Post

So Chris over PeachPundit really had me going for a while in this post:

So Sonny Vetoed the JOBS Act. I’m not surprised and I really can’t blame him. Revenue figures are still dropping threatening the balance of the budget. Vetoing HB481 reduces the likelihood he’ll need to call a special session.


Sonny Perdue is right about one thing. We need to look at our taxation policies holistically. But taxation is only one side of the equation. We need to look at spending. We need to look at all the subsidies we give to the counties so they can’t avoid having to go on the record for tax increases (I’m looking at you Homeowner’s Tax Relief Grant). We need to have a serious discussion as to what services the State of Georgia should and should not be providing. We need to give local municipalities multiple tools for raising revenue in a fair and transparent manner, and let them decide how they wish to go about doing so.

So far, so good. He rightly points out that you can't keep talking about cutting taxes and then spend anyway -- that just isn't consistent and creates huge deficits. Though with some of the lowest spending and one of the worst education and support systems in the country, I think it'd be a much better idea to both raise taxes and spending, at least Chris is being consistent.

But then he jumps off the boat:

In short Republicans, and especially Conservatives, in Georgia need to start demanding better from their elected officials. We do not govern by divine right. Nor can we rely on stupid tricks like Tom Delay’s “K-Street Project”, or Karl Rove’s scheme to demonize some group that will never vote for us anyway to keep us in office. If we cannot demonstrate that conservative principles deliver results, the voters will turn to socialistic or fascist economic policies. And the fault for that will be our own.

Socialistic or fascist economic policies? To start with, it's probably socialist, not socialistic, and what does he mean by fascist economic policies? Does this guy know about some workers' party or Nazi offshoot that we have that's about to take over as the opposition to "conservative principles" (apparently the only alternative here to conservatism is outright socialism or even fascism).

Chris is right in that they can't rely on the Karl Rove's and Tom Delay's of the world. But apparently, he still thinks they need to use their hyperbole.