Saturday, May 30, 2009

Tom Price's hilarious jabs at the Democrats

Tondee's brings this video to my attention.

I know Tom Price. I used to serve on his "Youth Advisory Board" (by serve I mean go to a few meetings until I decided I was being used to make the guy look good and quitting).

Every single legislative item he's ever proposed or supported was somehow based around his obvious philosophy: Make My Filthy Rich Constituents Even Richer (MMFRCER).

So he used to get all of us students together, many of whom didn't really agree with MMFRCER, and basically find a way to make his far-right legislation look good -- whether that be the "FairTax," repealing Sarbanes-Oxley (which, in light of deregulation-induced financial crises, makes this guy look even more hilariously like a hack), or a variety of other stuff with really little philosophical intention other than MMFRCER.

In this video he keeps saying Obama's not a uniter. Since when has Mr. Price cared about being a uniter? He comes from the second-most Republican district in the country, and all he does is whine about how anyone to the left of him is a closet socialist out to nationalize the wheat fields.

Which is cool, his district is full of rich pricks who would rather take a bullet to the head than accept a minimum wage hike for their gardeners, so he actually represents them well, but for the love of all that is holy -- he should really stop pretending that it's unity he wants. That's just laughable.

On a side note on the video, considering the fact that Price is a multimillionaire, couldn't he hire someone to make a better short film than that? Heck, the text pops up behind a solid blue screen, and it's pretty obvious the entire thing was made on Windows Movie Maker, probably on some intern's lunch break.

If you're going to take stupid, hypocritical shots at the President, you might as well put a little work into it, no?