Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Torture Memo Author John Yoo will get a paid Philadelphia Inquirer column?

Say what?

From Democracy Now!:

The letters to the editorial page of the Philadelphia Inquirer are on fire. People are writing in, overwhelmingly opposed to the newspaper’s hiring of John Yoo as a columnist, the former Justice Department lawyer who helped write what’s come to be known as the torture memo that claimed the treatment of prisoners amounted to torture only if it caused the same level of pain as “organ failure, impairment of bodily function or even death.”

I don't get it -- why are they hiring this guy? And why is he a professor of law at UC Berkeley?

Instead of the war crimes trial, he gets a position at one of the nation's top law schools and a paid gig at a huge paper.

That doesn't sound right.


Kasey said...

Why are they hiring him and why is he a professor of law at UC Berkeley you ask? I suppose because of the same reason that Larry Summers can issue a memo suggesting the economic advantage of dumping toxic waste in poor countries because they are "underpolluted" and the people there die young anyway and still become the president of Harvard University. He can then go on a tirade about how women are academicly inferior to men and later become the Director of the National Economic Council under Obama. Whaaa?

...That was a bit off topic but I love any excuse to complain about Larry Summers. I guess my point is I am as annoyed/confused as you are as to why unsavory individuals get good gigs....because it happens all the time. I am glad people are writing in to complain.