Thursday, June 11, 2009

FOX News gets wrecked by a mayor who knows his stuff

This is why FOX's anchors should stick to investigating Obama's birth certificate or something and leave the real news and analysis to adults.


Bryant said...

"take it out of the hide of the working person" -- That's exactly what happened with the auto bailouts. Tax money was taken--from working people--and given to incompetent failures in the auto industry.

"Have the bonuses been cut on Wall Street?" -- Good question, but it's the wrong question. The question is: Did the government have the moral or Constitutional authority to intervene there in the first place?

"What has Washington given up?" -- Hahaha. Keep on dreaming, Mr. Mayor.

"The auto industry will step up." -- Frankly, I don't care what the car fascists do. I'd be happy just buying cars from Ford or Japan. Just stop robbing everyone else to pay for your carelessness.

"Americans are sick and tired of it across this country." -- Hey, we agree on something, although our interpretation of "it" isn't the same.

"Wall Street doesn't understand industries that actually produce something." -- Neither do the car fascists. All they produce is failure, debt, and a culture of theft.

"What are we gonna produce in this country if we let the auto industry go by the wayside[...]?" -- Oh, great, now he's use fear tactics that don't even make sense. He should've been a neocon. You'd think this mayor would have taken an freshman-level economics course at some point in his life.

"this unholy alliance" -- Government + auto industry?

"Since 2001, since China joined the WTO, we've lost something like 2.3 million jobs directly to China due to unfair trade." -- Great, now he's using veiled racist comments, too. Where is this mayor's dignity? This reminds me of the South Park episode where the townspeople hate Mexicans, so they keep saying, "They took our jobs!" But their phrase gradually regresses, and by the end of the episode, it's simply "Tuk jah!"

"We need fair trade, not free trade. We're suffering from the free trade policies." -- So how is it "fair" to hold hundreds of millions of Americans at the barrel of the gun, forcibly seize their money, and give it to failed industrial fascists (auto, bankster, or otherwise), then strew around racist comments about China to sway people to agree with you?