Friday, June 5, 2009

More about the Freeman Group

Got this from a friend of mine, BigBillHaywood over at Scout Political Forums:

Since the shooting of OB-GYN and late-term abortion doctor George Tiller, much information has come to light about alleged shooter Scott Roeder. Roeder, it appears, has been an all-purpose right-wing fanatic for over a decade,  with ties to multiple extremist organizations. Roeder is a member of Operation Rescue, the anti-abortion organization, and was identified by the FBI as a member of the Freeman militia organization. In the mid-90's Roeder became known as a tax protester and abortion opponent---and was arrested and convicted after bomb-making materials were discovered in his automobile at a traffic stop. He served over a year in prison, but his conviction was overturned due to an illegal search.  His incendiary comments have been noted on anti-abortion web-sites. And just last week Roeder was identified as a suspect in the attempted vandalization of an abortion clinic in Kansas.

The Freeman group, and other right-wing extremist groups, are dangerous to our country and we need to clamp down on them. I bet you that if a Muslim terrorist group killed a man inside a church in this country, we would be raiding, bombing, and whatever we could to get them. Enough is enough... extremism is extremism and terrorism and terrorism, regardless of what religion it comes from.