Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pothress Responds to Barnes Announcement


Roy Barnes’ announcement today does not change my plans or campaign to be the next Governor of Georgia. Know this: I am in this race to win it, period.

I will continue to march towards victory because most Democrats and many Republicans agree with me that this race should be about the future. I’ve heard them say about Roy Barnes, “we won’t get fooled again” and “the new Roy is still King Roy.”

Regardless of how people choose to express it, Roy Barnes is a polarizing figure in Georgia politics. Folks either love him or despise him. Many have predicted his campaign will reopen the old wounds such as the flag controversy, disgruntled teachers, the King Roy “rat” commercial, his stunning loss to Sonny Perdue and the wreckage it left behind for the Democratic Party. Most Democratic voters understand that these realities will fatally damage his ability to win in the General Election.

I believe Democrats will make a different choice for their future by nominating me as their candidate for several reasons:

1. I have the best profile to win in the General Election;

2. I will lead Georgia into the future, not drag us into stale, old debates from the past;

3. I will run a statewide, grassroots campaign that engages voters in towns large and small.

That’s why, over the past 9 months, I have put out several bold new plans that will create 21st Century jobs, empower and reward teachers, reduce traffic gridlock and create new solutions to our water needs. Simply put, I’m ready to put my vision into action with sensible solutions for the problems we face.

So that’s what this race will be about: my plans for the future versus the legacy of Roy’s past. We are just 13 months from the Democratic primary, and this campaign will be nothing less than a true battle for the heart, soul and future of Georgia’s Democratic Party.