Thursday, May 14, 2009

First Question at Obama Town Hall About Single Payer and Sen. Baucus's Ties to Big Pharma

Honestly, I think the woman's question deserved a much better answer than Obama gave her. Dr. Quentin Young, a single payer advocate and MLK Jr.'s former physician from Chicago that has known for Obama for a very long time, says Obama is being dishonest with his statements maligning single payer healthcare.

But then again, I'm a veteran of asking tough questions about why the health insurance industry gets to control the discussion on healthcare in this country to politicians. I come in near the start of the Q & A with John Edwards.

I only hope that the people of this country can successfully pressure Obama to side with the people instead of the insurance industry. Like I wrote before, how far Obama goes on a number of issues will depend on how far the people can push him. Honestly, I don't know what Obama's true views on anything are. He's a very skilled politician, and being dishonest comes with the territory. But if we can make it politically impossible to do anything else than what we want, then he'll do it. That also comes with the territory.