Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Real Americans!

Bill Shipp takes on the Southern Governors who are talking about Seceding from the Union. I am so glad this made it into the ABH:

Suppose you woke up one bright morning and you were no longer an American. You were a documented Georgian or Southerner, but no longer a citizen of the United States.

Suppose the legislature had cut a deal with the federal government to allow, say, Georgia, Alabama and Texas to declare their sovereignty and carve themselves outside the nation's borders. The new maps would show the new United States, with a few rogue jurisdictions hanging to its soft underbelly.

If that sounds farfetched, it is. Nobody but a wacko would waste time on such an idea. However, Gov. Rick Perry of Texas has mentioned it in public speeches in the Lone Star State. Georgia Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine has a team of researchers working on schemes to declare our independence and bid adios to old D.C.

A Democratic blog, DailyKos, polled Georgians and discovered nearly a third of our residents are ready to forsake their precious U.S. citizenship. In the Republic of Texas, 38 percent were prepared to say bye to America, according to the polls.

Bill Shipp calls them out because these people are CRAZY!!! You know, I disagreed with a lot of what Bush did in the name of America, but I didn't want to leave, I wanted to change. So that is what I did, I campaigned and voted for change. The only reason I would leave the country would be...

Because I feel there was no way to make a change, that I had given up hope of making any change in the future. This basically means that people believe America is "too far gone to ever be redeemed." As such, they will call for their states to leave.

We remember Sarah Palin talking about "real Americans" or the people who hold their traditional values, etc. But see, that isn't the real America. That is the America the Republicans want to exist. But it is gone now... and it has left you and your craziness behind. So let me tell you about the new "real Americans"

Real Americans...

Support Stem Cell Research
Believe Gays Should be able to serve in the Military
Think women should have a right to choose
Believe Science should be taught in school
Believe in teaching sex ed that isn't abstinence only

Sorry, Palin and Right Wingers, you are not "real Americans" anymore. You are just, as we all are, Americans. Love it or leave it... well that use to be a phrase you could say around these people... now they take the "leave it" part to seriously.


Bryant J. Knight said...

"these people are CRAZY!!!" -- Maybe, maybe not. It doesn't matter. What matters is the concept of secession itself, and it most certainly is not crazy. Virtually every acre of land in the New World has undergone secession, much of it inspired by secessionist heroes like Simon Bolivar in South America.

"there was no way to make a change" -- If you sincerely believe that the US empire will die in a voting booth, then I've got some bad news. You will end up horrifically disillusioned. The US government has been growing at a fairly steady rate for more than a century. It can't and won't change in any real and permanent sense, at least not by voting.

Real Americans:

Support Stem Cell Research -- But is it Constitutional to fund it federally? I don't see how so. And if you think of the Constitution as a contract, if the federal government won't obey the terms of the contract, the states are released from their obligation to obey it as well, thus secession is implied.

Believe Gays Should be able to serve in the Military -- Okay.

Think women should have a right to choose -- Again, is it Constitutional? Regardless of Roe v. Wade and the manipulation of the interstate commerce clause, I fail to see how this is not a 10th Amendment issue. Abortion should be controlled at the state level.

Believe Science should be taught in school -- But is it Constitutional for the federal government to dictate what will be taught in school? If not, how is this relevant to secession?

Believe in teaching sex ed that isn't abstinence only -- Same as above.