Friday, June 12, 2009

Fox News Does not Cover Holocaust shooting...

In a story that disturbs me greatly, it seems that Faux News spent very little time on the largest story of the news on Wednesday:

"As for FNC's decision about how to report the Holocaust Museum shooting in prime time, it was mentioned for 55 seconds by O'Reilly, not at all by Sean Hannity and for 45 seconds by Greta Van Susteren. "

O’REILLY: Look, Katie Couric didn’t cover Private Long. Charles Gibson ignored Private Long. Ignored it. Didn’t — didn’t say a word about it. … It’s a news decision, and our news decision is based on what is important. Their news decision is based on ideology.

O’REILLY: Now, this is an 89-year-old anti-Semite bigot kills an innocent guy in the Holocaust Museum. OK? Now, what about the newsworthiness of this? … Is it as newsworthy as Private Long?

How do they expect to be a news organization when they do not cover the news. It is one thing when they call people baby-killers, but now they are just refusing to cover stories when people from the extreme part of their side of the political spectrum do crazy, sickening things.

I wonder what they are saying about the Department of Homeland Security report now?