Friday, June 12, 2009

Right-wing morons hoping for Ahmadinejad win

So apparently a bunch of nutjobs are hoping that Ahmadinejad wins the Iranian election so that we can continue to have an irrational fear of the Iranian people and government.

American Enterprise Institute's Michael Rubin told National Review's Kathryn Jean Lopez it might be better for Ahmadinejad to win, because a loss might give Obama the impression that diplomacy was working.

Oh, no, not that! We wouldn't want the American people to think that Obama's diplomacy with Iran is working, and that the Iranian people aren't Islamic fundamentalists who want to destroy america! And we definitely don't want such terrible things such as facts and reality to give those CRAZY ideas legitimacy!

Granted, the Presidency in Iran is largely a ceremonial position. The President does not hold anywhere near the amount of power that the President does in our country, or in most other countries. Power will still be centrally located among the Ayatollah Khomeini and his councils. However, a win for Mousavi in this election will be clear evidence that the people of Iran are turning their heads away from that type of leadership.

It is the people of a country that turn the tides, and the leadership cannot ignore its people.